2011 November

Mixtape (Album) Mondays: Kidz in the Hall – Occasion

November, 28, 2011 by: 0 Comments

So it’s been a while since we had anything on the blog.  Hope everyone had a wonderful and tryptophan-filled Thanksgiving.
While usually this segment is meant for mixtapes, I had to budge and make an exception.  I’ll be honest, I did not give these Chicagoans the time of day when they burst onto the scene.
Now Kidz [...]

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Lizzie Wicks: Chicago Dance Workshop – Recap

November, 16, 2011 by: Tags: , , , 1 Comments

Lizzie Wicks wears many hats.  While the outfit she has on always reads “dancer”, Lizzie tosses on a new cap to choreograph, model, educate, perform, act and so much more.
While calling Brisbane, Australia home, she has built up a YouTube following surpassing 3.7 million hits.  Lizzie regularly teaches dance classes at the Mad Dance House, [...]

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Mixtape Mondays: Yung Berg – “Reality Check”

November, 14, 2011 by: 0 Comments

Yung Berg hits us with his newest project, Reality Check.  Features include Ya Boy, Lil B, Mikkey Halsted and a Tupac sample.
The stand out feature however is Mia Rey, a singer, writer, model, and dancer from Miami.  She’s soulful but edgy at the same time and matches Berg’s style at the same time.
The wordplay is [...]

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Artist Showcase: The Official Mav

November, 14, 2011 by: 23 Comments

“Good things come to those who wait” might be the most overused and anti-motivating phrase available in society.  While patience is a trait we all must use, the Hip Hop game is without a doubt the exception.
Fans, the music itself, blogs, record labels, other artists, producers, DJ’s, photographers; none of them are waiting.  In 2011 [...]

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CHHC Idea of the Week: How Much To Charge For Your Performance

November, 11, 2011 by: 0 Comments

CD Baby continues to educate and borrows David Roth of the band, The Mighty Groove, out of Boston, MA to discuss this topic.
Hip Hop is one of those genres that are performed in the most random of spaces in front of all types and sizes of crowds.  So it’s always tough to judge just how [...]

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Mixtape: Rotimi – “While You Wait”

November, 09, 2011 by: 0 Comments

Since we didn’t have a tape up on Monday I’ll give you a midweek serenade through Rotimi’s While You Wait project.
The Jersey born and Chicago heralded heartthrob has really progressed in 2011 leading up to this release.
“Best Thing” is the standout track and you’ve most likely heard it before on WGCI.
I’m by no means an [...]

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The Boy Illinois: “Inhale Pt. 4 – Horai” Listening Event Recap

November, 07, 2011 by: Tags: , , 0 Comments

There are a lot of components to being successful.  I’m not talking about raw talent because let’s face it, Ryan Leaf had that and how’s that working out for him?
Having the right team, continuing to make moves (the right ones), staying humble, and expanding your network are all crucial to standing apart from the competition [...]

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Chicago Ideas Week: Music DRIVES Chicago – Music Media and Community – Recap

November, 02, 2011 by: Tags: , , , 0 Comments

The highlight of CHHC’s interaction with Chicago Ideas Week was without question the Music DRIVES Chicago event on 10/16.
Presented by the Music Blogger’s Association of America (MBAA), and hosted by Dave Jeff, Founder of PHLI Worldwide, two groups of panelists came up to discuss topics surrounding the state of recorded music, media outlets and communities [...]

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Da Internz: “Write Ya Life Bash” Recap, Photos & Interview

November, 01, 2011 by: Tags: , , 0 Comments

The 2nd Annual “Write Ya Life Bash” was exactly that.  A BASH!
The Eclipse Lounge opened it’s doors to some of Chicago’s most talented and best dressed as the city celebrated a HUGE year from a production team well connected to their roots.
With credit to countless records, including Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)”, the party was the [...]

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