Mixtape: Rotimi – “While You Wait”

November, 09, 2011 by: 0 Comments

Since we didn’t have a tape up on Monday I’ll give you a midweek serenade through Rotimi’s While You Wait project.
The Jersey born and Chicago heralded heartthrob has really progressed in 2011 leading up to this release.
“Best Thing” is the standout track and you’ve most likely heard it before on WGCI.
I’m by no means an [...]

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The Boy Illinois: “Inhale Pt. 4 – Horai” Listening Event Recap

November, 07, 2011 by: Tags: , , 0 Comments

There are a lot of components to being successful.  I’m not talking about raw talent because let’s face it, Ryan Leaf had that and how’s that working out for him?
Having the right team, continuing to make moves (the right ones), staying humble, and expanding your network are all crucial to standing apart from the competition [...]

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Chicago Ideas Week: Music DRIVES Chicago – Music Media and Community – Recap

November, 02, 2011 by: Tags: , , , 0 Comments

The highlight of CHHC’s interaction with Chicago Ideas Week was without question the Music DRIVES Chicago event on 10/16.
Presented by the Music Blogger’s Association of America (MBAA), and hosted by Dave Jeff, Founder of PHLI Worldwide, two groups of panelists came up to discuss topics surrounding the state of recorded music, media outlets and communities [...]

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Da Internz: “Write Ya Life Bash” Recap, Photos & Interview

November, 01, 2011 by: Tags: , , 0 Comments

The 2nd Annual “Write Ya Life Bash” was exactly that.  A BASH!
The Eclipse Lounge opened it’s doors to some of Chicago’s most talented and best dressed as the city celebrated a HUGE year from a production team well connected to their roots.
With credit to countless records, including Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)”, the party was the [...]

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Mixtape Mondays: Chicago Takeover – Freddie Gibbs & LEP Bogus Boys

October, 31, 2011 by: 0 Comments

Happy Halloween CHHC supporters, new readers, and Curious George’s.
What do you get when you put together “Let ‘em Burn”, “Menace II Society”, and a slew of gritty “make the hair on the back of your neck jump” records?
You get Cold Day in Hell, the progression test for Gary, IN and Chicago frequenter Freddie Gibbs.
Now add [...]

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Throwback Thursday: CommonSense – “Resurrection” (October 1994)

October, 27, 2011 by: 0 Comments

Hop in the DeLorean because it is time to go back to some renowned times in Hip Hop…the 90′s!
October 25th, 1994, Chicago emcee, CommonSense, released his second studio album, Resurrection.
The best way to explain the response to this record is to compare it to a movie that nobody hits the theaters to see.  Box office [...]

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Reaction: Chicago Tribune – “Chicago Hip Hop” Article

October, 26, 2011 by: 0 Comments

Everyone is grinding, making music, performing, Tweeting, Facebook-ing, networking and doing what they can to blow up.  Hint: if you’re not doing those things than either start or give up.
The “Hip Hop is Dead” argument went six feet under real fast.  It was never dying.  It was just overlooked.
What the city really needs is the [...]

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TICKET GIVEAWAY: Smoker’s Club Tour

October, 25, 2011 by: 2 Comments

This Thursday, the Smoker’s Club Tour is back again.  The venue is bigger (Congress Theater), the artists have gotten even bigger, and we want the crowd to be the BIGGEST!
That being said we are looking to set up some lucky winners with a pair of tickets each to the show.
All you have to do is…
Like [...]

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Artist Spotlight: Syleena Johnson

October, 24, 2011 by: 0 Comments

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a diva revolution unfolding in the city of wind.
Between names like Nikki Lynette, Demi Lobo, Kid Sister, Coriz tha Writer, Dana Devine and more; there is an abundance of female talent competing to be the next to break out.
If you ask any of those artists who one of [...]

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Mixtape Mondays: Sir Michael Rocks – “Premier Politics”

October, 24, 2011 by: 0 Comments

In celebration of Mikey Rocks becoming JETS Affiliated, it’s only right that I reintroduce his latest work, Premier Politics.
This is the 2nd solo release from the Illinois-born half of The Cool Kids.  The Rocks Report dropped earlier this year and he plans on even another tape this year called Special Edition Grand Master Flux.
When an [...]

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