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CHHC Idea of the Week: How Much To Charge For Your Performance

November, 11, 2011 by: 0 Comments

CD Baby continues to educate and borrows David Roth of the band, The Mighty Groove, out of Boston, MA to discuss this topic.
Hip Hop is one of those genres that are performed in the most random of spaces in front of all types and sizes of crowds.  So it’s always tough to judge just how [...]

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How To Really Get Your Music On Blogs

October, 04, 2011 by: 0 Comments

So you’ve recorded some tracks, shot some low budget videos, picked up some Facebook fans and Twitter followers, and built a buzz that extends passed friends and family.  You might be asking yourself…”So now what?”.
One of the most valuable ways to spread your music to others is through blogs. BUT, it’s no easy task.
There are [...]

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Chicago Meet Up Group — Real Hip Hop Lovers

September, 29, 2011 by: Tags: , , 0 Comments

Calling all music fans, poker players, sports fans, dog lovers, recipe hoarders, degenerate gamblers, students, single parents and more!  There is a meet up in a community near you in your future.
If you are not familiar with the “Meet Up” concept it really is quite simple.  Join a group that interests you, show up to [...]

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