F.A. The Squad pitches its Pilot to Chicago

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In 2003, the group released their first mixtape “Free Agents” introducing themselves as Chicago newest hip-hop team. Honing their crafts ever since, the group has never lost sight of their dream. Now in 2011, F.A. The Squad’s music has an unquestionably distinctive sound. Each song is a healthy blend of conscious music that Hip-Hop heads [...]

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Blink – Chicago Hip-Hop get’s International

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Blink is an emerging artist who brings a fresh and distinguishing sound to Chicago’s hip-hop scene. This 21 year old rapper is a proud native of Lagos, Nigeria, and it is Nigeria whom he credits his style and sound. Blink’s music is influenced by musicians of different genres and ethnicities. Growing up he listened to [...]

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Da Brat

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Da Brat is an American rapper who was born and raised in Joliet. She has worked with Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Dem Franchize Boys, Mariah Carey, Kelly Rowland, and more. Her album Funkdafied was a hit and made her to be the first female rapper to have a platinum-selling album. It also won Best Rap Album [...]

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Shawnna is an American rapper from the South Side of Chicago and is widely known for her sexual themes and her fast rhymes. She used to be a part of the former rap group Infamous Syndicate, she’s the daughter of the Blues musician Buddy Guy, and was the first one to be signed to Def [...]

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Twista (Carl Terrell Mitchell) is an American rapper from Chicago and has release several chart-topping solo albums over the years:
- Runnin’ Off at da Mouth
- Rsurrection
- Adrenaline Rush
- Kamikaze
- The Day After
- Adrenaline Rush 2007
- Category F5
- The Perfect Storm (due November 2011)
Twista is known for being the world’s fastest rapper, and in 1992, he [...]

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