Breakdance Chicago

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Breakdance Chicago was established in 2005 and is currently located in Lakeview of Chicago. Its specialty is in teaching hip hop, house dance, and break dance for kids, teens, and adults. Breakdance Chicago hosts various performances and workshops like halftime shows, corporate conventions, weddings, birthday parties, and more. Breakdance Chicago always strives to give back [...]

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Chicago Tribe Crew

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The Chicago Tribe is a hip hop/break dance crew that started way back in 1994. They have had several opportunities to perform for various shows and businesses:
- Chicago Bulls half time show
- Men’s Health & Fitness Magazine
- Macy’s 2008 Glamorama Fashion Show (Minneapolis & Chicago)
- Bud Billiken Parade 2008
- Washington Mutual Bank
- Klondike
- Rot10 Clothing
- [...]

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Are you a member of the Foundation Room Chicago? Members will enjoy three Prayer Rooms, internationally collected architectural artifacts, original folk art, fine–dining, and live entertainment. Find out more info here.

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