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YP, Al Dilla, and Marvo Chicago Hip Hop Connects

May, 18, 2010 by: Tags: , , , , , , , 0 Comments

Chicago Hip Hop Connects with YP, Al Dilla, and Marvo. Interviews will be coming soon. Be sure to check out their performance @ 9M this Sunday at The Abbey Pub. Get tickets here. Photography and Graphic Design done by Seth Kammueller and Lpdeezign.

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Chicago Hip Hop Connects with Johnny Cupcakes

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Chicago Hip Hop Connects got the opportunity this past weekend to meet with the infamous Johnny Cupcakes at The Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago. For those that dont who Johnny is, you are missing out! The man is more of a role model than a CEO of his own Clothing Company. Since day 1 hes [...]

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