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YP, Al Dilla, and Marvo Chicago Hip Hop Connects

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Chicago Hip Hop Connects with YP, Al Dilla, and Marvo. Interviews will be coming soon. Be sure to check out their performance @ 9M this Sunday at The Abbey Pub. Get tickets here. Photography and Graphic Design done by Seth Kammueller and Lpdeezign.

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Interview with Dave Coresh

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Chicago Hip Hop Connects, Lara Phillips, had the opportunity to interview with Dave Coresh last weekend. Dave touched on what makes him unique and sets him apart from everyone else in the industry. He says that “Dave gives the fans the whole package.” The whole package which includes his music, visuals, online networking and the [...]

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Chicago Hip Hop Connects Official Electronic Press Release

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(Included in Electronic Press Kit is “S-Preme’s “Etch-a-Sketch” track for the You Tube contest (under music), Photos, Logos, Videos, Promo Card, and Web Promos).
April 27th, 2010
Chicago Hip Hop Connects – Networking Event and Show May 23, 2010
The Abbey Pub, Networking Event 6pm, Show 10pm
Chicago, IL [...]

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Chicago Hip Hop Connects Launches their Website

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Don’t miss out on the hottest hip hop networking event in Chicago history! All of the top hip hop professionals under one roof! This is an opportunity of a lifetime.
Chicago Hip Hop Connects is very excited to announce the release of their website Chicago Hip Hop Connects.com. This website was designed for the Hip Hop [...]

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Are you a member of the Foundation Room Chicago? Members will enjoy three Prayer Rooms, internationally collected architectural artifacts, original folk art, fine–dining, and live entertainment. Find out more info here.

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