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Album Review & Download: Tia London – “Love Junkie”

December, 12, 2011 by: Tags: , , , , 0 Comments

To blow me away after hearing an artist’s debut once through, it takes a certain dynamic and attention to detail.
To put it in perspective, other recent projects that struck me instantly were Kanye and Jay-Z’s, Watch the Throne, and Kendrick Lamar’s, Section 80.  And now…Love Junkie.

That’s it.
When I listen to Tia London the feeling of, [...]

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Legendary Traxster

June, 02, 2011 by: Tags: , , , , 0 Comments

The Legendary Traxster, a.k.a. Sam Lindley, is an American songwriter and producer originally from the South Side of Chicago.  He is known for creating the Midwest-Chicago sound of slow and dark beats with heavy bass, hi hats, crazy drums, and fast-paced rhymes. He currently produces for artists around the country.  Recent credible productions and artists [...]

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