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We all know NO I.D. as a successful and dope producer for some of today’s big-name artists like Kanye West, Common, and Jay-Z. As a Chicago native, he is known as the “Godfather of Chicago Hip Hop.” For Kanye West, he was more than just a producer; Kanye highly considered him as his mentor and [...]

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Legendary Traxster

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The Legendary Traxster, a.k.a. Sam Lindley, is an American songwriter and producer originally from the South Side of Chicago.  He is known for creating the Midwest-Chicago sound of slow and dark beats with heavy bass, hi hats, crazy drums, and fast-paced rhymes. He currently produces for artists around the country.  Recent credible productions and artists [...]

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Twista (Carl Terrell Mitchell) is an American rapper from Chicago and has release several chart-topping solo albums over the years:
- Runnin’ Off at da Mouth
- Rsurrection
- Adrenaline Rush
- Kamikaze
- The Day After
- Adrenaline Rush 2007
- Category F5
- The Perfect Storm (due November 2011)
Twista is known for being the world’s fastest rapper, and in 1992, he [...]

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Memoirs of Chicago Hip Hop

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Though originated in the South Bronx of New York, hip hop has its own special twist here in Chicago culturally and musically. For years, it has existed in the shadows of other flourished hip hop scenes in cities such as New York City, Houston, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Common reasons for this are the lack [...]

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