Will Gates

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Will Gates is a video director, film maker, and a co-founder of WBMZ Chicago Internet Radio Station and Open World Films. Open World Films is a Chicago-based film company in which targets artists in various stages of their career to create new, original, and reasonably-priced productions. Will and his team at Open World Films specialize [...]

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WBMZ Boardmemberz Radio Chicago

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WBMZChicago is the #1 video source for Chicago independent artists & major artists worldwide.  Both the radio station and website play Chicago music 24/7, 365 days a week.
Located in Chicago
(773) 430 – 7519
Twitter:  @WBMZChicago
Facebook:  facebook.com/wbmzchicago

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Are you a member of the Foundation Room Chicago? Members will enjoy three Prayer Rooms, internationally collected architectural artifacts, original folk art, fine–dining, and live entertainment. Find out more info here.

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