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The Boy Illinois: “Inhale Pt. 4 – Horai” Listening Event Recap

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There are a lot of components to being successful.  I’m not talking about raw talent because let’s face it, Ryan Leaf had that and how’s that working out for him?
Having the right team, continuing to make moves (the right ones), staying humble, and expanding your network are all crucial to standing apart from the competition [...]

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The Boy Illinois – School’s Back In Session

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The Boy Illinois ‘Inhale Part. 3: After School Program’ [MIXTAPE]
It’s been a couple years since The Boy Illinois bought a textbook but trust, he’s still on a path to higher education. Fresh out the barber’s chair, he sits, wearing his favorite piece of clothing: a Cardigan sweater. These days he’s preppy; his look more reminiscent [...]

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